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Each and every person is a delightful composite of tissue that in many respects represents a woven miracle.

Systems of the body interact with one another and have impact that can at times be quite significant. As a bodyworker, a curious symphony unfurls beneath my hands as different levels of tissue interact: a tight ribcage develops into shallow breathing that leads to neck soreness that trails down to hands that go numb now and then. There is a weaving on the inside of a person – a weaving of who a person was, who they are and who they are becoming. Distinctly expressing that deep internal dialogue, is the human body. Itʼs all woven together. Our bodies are much greater than the sum of our parts. Honoring the human body from this holistic perspective brings dignity to every client seen.

Living life fully automatically means that our bodies will experience wear and tear. Our bodies will thank us for the care we provide it. In fact, maintenance is the key to long-term usefulness and fulfillment.

Individuals receiving bodywork at Interwoven Eight come from all different places and levels of wellness.

Recovering from injuries or accidents resulting from work, sports, hobbies or motor vehicles
Recovering from traumas such as PTSD, TBI, Divorce, Job Loss, Loss of Loved One, Abuse, etc.
Athletes seeking to push through the next barrier
Persons committed to personal stewardship of their well-being

Interwoven Eight provides state-of-the-art therapeutic care through the following modalities:

Neurological Assessments for Bodywork
Neuromuscular Therapy
Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Lymph Drainage Therapy
Myofascial Therapy, specializing in Bowen Therapy (MRS Technique)
Thalassotherapy / Hydro-Therapy / Thermal Therapy

Whether you are looking for a specific modality or relief from a specific malady, Interwoven Eight is an economical, stress-relieving option committed to supporting you and your wellness needs.

2020 W Colorado Avenue, Suite 103
Colorado Springs
(719) 460-4647

Anna’s Apothecary

B&CO Hair and Design

125 E Costilla Street
Colorado Springs
(719) 822-2294

Beauty Bar

26 North Tejon Street
Colorado Springs
(719) 473-8404

Camino Massage

1045 W Garden of the Gods Road, Suite O
Colorado Springs
(719) 299-0820

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