Buy Local First

About Shop Local Colorado Springs

Shop Local Colorado Springs is a marketing and promotions initiative to raise local consumer awareness of the importance of supporting local businesses, featuring locally owned businesses with a focus on consumer products and services and to drive patronage to local businesses that participate in the Shop Local Colorado Springs initiative.

Shop Local Colorado Springs will be sustained through a tiered based marketing platform funded by paid participation of local businesses. Shop Local Colorado Springs has been created as a partnership between Andrew Hershberger Creative and Altru Systems. Fees paid by participating local businesses will be applied to paid advertising, general marketing, production and maintenance of Shop Local Colorado Springs and

What is a Locally Owned Business?

A locally owned business is one where the business owner has full autonomy and local decision-making authority with respect to his or her business practices.

  1. A locally owned business must be privately held (not publicly traded)
  2. The business owners, totaling greater than 50 percent of the business ownership, must live in the Pikes Peak region (El Paso and Teller Counties).
  3. The business must be registered in the state of Colorado, with no corporate or national headquarters outside the Pikes Peak region.
  4. The business must be able to make independent decisions regarding the name and look of the business, as well as all business purchasing, practices, and distribution.
  5. The business pays all its own rent, marketing expenses, and other expenses (without assistance from a corporate headquarters).

Our Mission

To enhance the Pikes Peak region local economy by promoting shopping at local businesses.

Andrew Hershberger Creative

Andrew Hershberger Creative (AHC) is a locally owned marketing and branding agency with an extensive background in supporting small and local businesses. AHC is responsible for Shop Local Colorado Springs business and consumer engagement, marketing and promotion as well as content development of the ShopLocalCOS website.

Altru Systems

Altru Systems is a locally woman-owned website & application development boutique focused on supporting small organizations with a social purpose. Altru Systems is responsible for the development and maintenance of the ShopLocalCOS website.