In a recent conversation with a local merchant, the analogy of all boats rising together was referenced. The local merchant pointed out that rising together was better than sinking alone. That insight points to the core the Shop Local Colorado Springs mission and why we believe in empowering the local business community as a whole.

The holiday season is a time that we all reflect on the past year with a focus on spending time with our family and friends as well as appreciating the larger community we live in. Authentic connections are what bring us all together. Those connections start with what we all have in common, living in the Pikes Peak region.

The Shop Local Colorado Springs mission is to enhance the Pikes Peak region local economy by promoting shopping at local businesses. Our vision is to foster a vibrant, diverse and prosperous local business community, to help all boats rise together. In today’s marketplace, local, independent merchants have a direct impact on the well being of the Pikes Peak region. Local businesses are grounded right here in the community we all share, they are our family friends and neighbors.

Since our launch less then 2 months ago we have already created many authentic connections in the local business community and we are so excited to build upon those and many more. Our intention is to foster a community spirit of collaboration that will benefit us all.

We love the Pikes Peak region, as we know you do. We wish the happiest of holiday seasons to all and look forward to helping make 2016 a prosperous new year.

Best Regards,
Andrew Hershberger

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